Winners of the month

We would like to remind you that every production awarded monthly will also run in their respective categories during the final annual event.
The Best Movie and Best Documentary of the Month will also compete the annual cash awards of Best Movie, Best Animation and Best Documentary of the Year.


Butterflies - directed by Yona Rozenkier /  Israel (2019)
Another Sunday in April. A kibbutz in the North of Israel. A natural phenomenon. A family on an impromptu ride, maybe the last one...

Astrea -  directed by Marco Testoni   /  Italy (2020)
Mister Mora has lost enthusiasm for his life. He goes to a cutting edge clinic to undergo a very particular operation.

The Hunt - La Chasse - directed by Jean-Pierre Dupuy / France (2017)
One day in November 1973, a father takes his eight-year-old son hunting for the first time

The Girl Inside of the Monster - directed by C. Y. Costa  / United States (2019)
A girl lives inside of a monster. One day, something catches her attention.

Day 0  - directed by Sergio Panariello /  Italy (2019)

A family is faced with economic hardship, in order to keep the father's craft shop, will make various loan requests, rejected by banks that require too many guarantees, they are to ask a usurer. Under the gaze of the eight year old son we will see the wear and tear that the family and all the characters of history will suffer.