Winners of the month

We would like to remind you that every production awarded monthly will also run in their respective categories during the final annual event. The Best Movie and Best Documentary of the Month will also compete for the annual cash awards of Best Movie, Best Animation and Best Documentary of the Year.


Bolero Station -  directed by Rolf Brönnimann /  Switzerland (2018)
The signalman lives on one side of the tracks, the saleswoman on the other. They see each other every day, but it’s not till death comes knocking that they both seize their chance to be together.

Santiago 1973-2019  -   directed by Paz Corona  /  France (2020)
Since October 18, 2019, the streets of Santiago of Chili have not been empty. The people on the street demand dignity. The Government of President Piñera, by increasing the price of the metro ticket, has unleashed a social crisis unprecedented since the 1970s.

SPARAGNA!  -  directed by Giulio Gulizzi  /  Italy (2020)
Michele Sparagna, a young man from Palermo's suburbs, is forced to share the discomfort of a world he doesn't belong to. Struggling with mental illness, we follow him through a small urban odyssey, that will lead him to relate with figures apparently distant to him, but perhaps, the only ones capable of understanding him.

STOP LOOK LISTEN PASS (Dur bak dinle geç)  -  directed by Muhammed Günaydın  / Turkey (2020)
One driver (Bekir) and two inspectors (Selim and Cagri) are driving to a firm to inspect. Bekir’s charger is half-working and he asks Cagri to get one from the firm they’re ahead. Selim hears his demand and gets angry about it since his demand also means a bribe relationship.

Coo-Coo  - directed by Svetlana Belorussova /  Russian Federation (2021)

Dasha, a young biologist, prepares to defend her Ph.D. on the Baikal seal. Her Ph.D. advisor is skeptical about Dasha’s love for animals, and her mother only cares about the girl not missing night prayers. A story about a conflict between science and religion, love and suffering, between what Dasha wants and what others push her to do.