Winners of the month


We would like to remind you that every production awarded monthly will also run in their respective categories during the final annual event.
The Best Movie and Best Documentary of the Month will also compete the annual cash awards of Best Movie, Best Animation and Best Documentary of the Year.


Haute Cuisine  (Nouvelle Saveur) - directed by Merryl Roche / France (2019)
Since Marie joined Bruno Mercier's restaurant, a multi-star chef, she only thinks to perfect her skills. But Thomas, the sous-chef, is wary of this possible rival.
During a service, Mary cuts herself, letting a few drops of blood mix with her sauce...

GreenWater - directed by Giulia Grandinetti / Italy (2020)
After finding an old digital handycam, Selena, a teenager from Rome, enjoys shooting moments of her relationship with Elia, documenting traces of a secret that shouldn't be revealed.

My Juke-Boxe 
- directed by Florentine Grelier / France (2019)
A young woman is getting closer to her now aging father under the pretext of repairing a jukebox, object of their common memories.
The film is about animation, archives and music, and links memory with the renewal of their relationship

Boschi, cavar carbone  - directed by Marco Riva / Italy (2020)
At Giazza, a Cimbrian village in eastern Lessinia, the Boschi’s family has been preserving and conveying the ancient charcoal tradition for forty years.
In the words of each member, strongly emerges the bond with this profession which bears values increasingly rare ​​in this chaotic consumer society: the sense of family, patience and sharing.
Precious memories resurfaces: Nello's childhood, divided between school, breeding and help to his father and also the formative encounter with two expert carbonai who will initiate him to this ancient craft.
The deep conversations around the fire along with the singing of coal, pervade the memories of his son Giorgio, who is now an expert carbonaio , and those of the young great-granddaughter Gloria who carefully observes this ancient practice eager to become, one day, an active part of this magical rite, which means family to her.

A day in the life of a boy - directed by Niklas Bauer / Germany (2020)

Autistic boy Daan has a unique perspective on the world. His little sister Millie struggles with his sometimes strange behaviour and the lack of attention she gets from their single mother. When Daan accidentally kills her pet bird, emotions overflow - will Millie be able to be there for her brother despite it all?

The film encounters the child protagonists at eye level and allows room for both perspectives.