Winners of the month


Island - directed by Ho-Pei Ko /  Taiwan (2018)
According to the legends of the indigeneous Taiwanese Thao tribe, the island of Lalu is the traditional resting place of their ancestors. The island is situated in the middle of the famous Sun Moon Lake, in the province of Nantou. Ever since the massive earthquake of September 21 in 1999, and longterm washout by waves, Lalu had been suffering significant soil erosion - putting the island at risk of disappearing into the lake altogether. Local people moved quickly to try and protect the island by replacing the lost soil.

The Birdcage - directed by Alexander Ivanov /  Russia (2020)
Story of the man with Tourette syndrome, the life that’s been stopped from the minute he was born and the choice he took to make it grow like he sees it’s growth.

The Chant of the Sea - directed by Walter Della Mura /  Italy (2020)
Carmine wants to become a fisherman like his father Aniello, but he impedes it. The child anger causes a connection between the land and the sea: father and son will face each other's past, that will take them to choose in which world keep on to live.

Nocturne - directed by Fabrizio Condino / Italy (2018)
A man, his boat, and the sea. During a night of work,a fisherman makes an unexpected encounter.

Means of Expression - directed by Vida Lercari /  United States of America (2020)

The rules about what the art can and cannot be about is long and restrictive, making it nearly impossible for cuban artists to be truly expressive. Despite these difficulties, Yulier P. does all that he can to portray his Cuban reality through murals on abandoned or dilapidated structures across the city, hoping to inspire conversation and change in his country.