We would like to remind you that every production awarded monthly will also run in their respective categories during the final annual event.
The Best Movie, Best Animation and Best Documentary of the Month will also compete the annual cash awards of Best Movie and Best Documentary of the Year.


Ecdysis - directed by Roscoe Portelli, William Stanforth / Australia (2020)
In a small rural town, a beaten middle-aged woman reaches breaking point as her cruel, con-artist husband attempts to corrupt a rookie police officer.

616 - directed by Hiram G. Rodriguez / Mexico (2019)
A boy has a zombie in the basement, and he feeds the thing...for some reason!

Little Chief - directed by Erica Tremblay / United States of America (2019)
Against the landscape of a rural reservation in Oklahoma, the lives of a Native woman and nine-year-old boy intersect over the course of a school day.
Exhausted and burned out, Sharon struggles to provide stability to her fifth grade students. Bear is having a particularly hard time, enduring challenges both at home and in the classroom. He is desperate to escape it all, and Sharon is left chasing a little boy who is running to nowhere.

Quaranta cavalli - directed by Luca Ciriello  / Italy (2020)
Le scorribande estive di un gruppo di ragazzini di Chioggia, i loro sogni sull’acqua e le loro aspettative. Stefanin, il protagonista, è un tuttofare, un piccolo uomo che a 16 anni ripara motori e va a pescare vongole. Durante le sere d’estate, per divertirsi va in giro con tutti i suoi amici su barchini con motori da 40 cavalli, musica reggaeton ad alto volume e luci led decorative. Alle volte vanno in laguna a corteggiare le ragazze che li aspettano sulla banchina, altre volte fanno un ponte di barche in mezzo alla laguna e scommettono su chi pescherà di più il giorno seguente. Un mondo fatto di illusioni, ironia ed energia, ma anche di sogni e speranze per il proprio futuro.

(Der Wächter) 
- directed by Albin Wildner / Austria (2019)

After losing his lifelong position at an industrial corporation, Raphael is forced by the Austrian Unemployment Office to take an underwhelming job as a night-time security guard. He recently moved back in with his bedridden mother, who is also cared for by the dedicated Ukrainian nurse Vera. Through her support, Raphael gradually learns to cope with his new life situation, but a tragic incident breaks his world apart once more.