Miglior Film di Novembre

Directed by Roberto Gutierrez
Venezuela 2018  -  Duration: 15 minutes  -  Language: Spanish



Direction:  Roberto Gutierrez
Writing:  Roberto Gutierrez,  Hector Torres
Production:   El Living
Producer:   Yanine Poleo
Key Cast:   Eloisa Maturén, Luigi Sciamanna, Elvis Chaveinte
Cinematography:  Marco Mora
Editing:  Roberto Gutiérrez
Color correction:  Angelo Francavilla
Music:  Ruben Gutierrez
Sound:  Jesus Guevara

Scenography:   Ana Cordido, Evelyn Visnapuu
Costumes:  Ana Padron

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A solitary Foley Artist secretly films his neighbor and reconstructs the sounds of her life, while creating an imaginary relationship that leads him to discover closely the true sound of his obsession: Lucy.




Roberto Gutiérrez (Director/Cinematographer) was born on Caracas, Venezuela, in 1983.
His aesthetic sensibility comes from his training as a Motion Graphic Designer.
His work is characterized by the high aesthetic value, as well as an ingenious narrative that has allowed him to position himself as a versatile Director, in advertising, and music videos.
In 2018 he makes his first short film "Lucy", a film in which he explores the creation of images as faces of sounds, while creating metaphors on the emotions. Through a love obsession story, the Director projects the character’s imagination that scrutinize in their delusions.