Miglior Film di Dicembre

Directed by Niels Bourgonje
Netherlands 2018  -  Duration: 10 minutes  -  Language: Dutch






Direction:  Niels Bourgonje
Writing:   Bastiaan Tichler
Producer:   Daniel Aiss
Key Cast:  Martijn Lakemeier, Gaite Jansen, Anneke Blok.
Fotografia:  Joris Bulstra
Editing:  Wietse de Zwart
Music:  Jesper Ankarfeldt

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While on vacation with his girlfriend, Gijs receives a phone call from his mother, that reveals her troubled mental state and their complex relationship.




Niels Bourgonje (1980) is an award winning short film and commercial director based in Amsterdam.
Niels started out as an intern on the international feature film THE DEVILS DOUBLE which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. He graduated with the short thriller BURN, which was selected for several international filmfestivals winning numerous awards. His follow-up was the high intensity drama ORDER.
In 2014 Niels directed PEACE AND QUIET, winning the 48 Hour Film Project. Shortly after, the black comedy won two awards at the Filmapalooza in Hollywood. In 2015 he made three short films back-to-back; NEIGHBOURS, DESERTED and BUDDY. BUDDY has been selected for sixty filmfestivals worldwide, including Palm Springs ShortFest. This year Niels will release three new short films: TURN IT AROUND, BRIDGE and SKOGAFOSS.