Miglior Film di Ottobre


Directed by Florence Bouvy
Netherlands 2018  -  Duration: 27 minutes  -  Language: Dutch






Direction:  Florence Bouvy
Writing:  Jessie Tiemeijer
Production:  Eefje Helmus, Charlene Vos / Netherlands Filmacademy
Key Cast:  Linde van der Storm (Marie), Juda Goslinga (Boudewijn), Gino Mutunda (Anan), Fred Goessens (Harald), Mike Libanon (Khaleel), Elisa Beuger (Jasmijn)
Cinematograhy:  Eva Heinsbroek
Editing:  Mischa Lamping
Music:  Moritz Gabe
Sound:  Max van den Oever
Sound Design:  Selle Sellink

Scenography:  Louka Hoogendijk
Costumes:  Louka Hoogendijk


Marie is eight years old and loves her dad. In a world where playful dreams can suddenly turn into empty eyes that don't seem to see her, she tries to stand her own. A story about
the strength of a child fighting for the unconditional love of her father





Growing up in Amsterdam, surrounded by a high-paced culture and parents that worked in film and theatre, Florence caught the love of storytelling at a very early age. As she developed herself creatively and intellectually, her fascination for human behaviour became a big part of her voice. In a constant search of deeper reflection on her stories, she studied philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, and soon after applied to the Netherlands Film Academy, where she was selected to study film directing.
During her school years she experimented with different styles in search of the perfect balance for each story, switching between the expressive and poetic, versus more sober, naturalistic forms. Her drive is to create experiences for the audience through the evocative power of film