Best Movie of July

Directed by Loris Di Pasquale
Italy 2018  -  Duration: 17 minutes  -  Language: Italian, Russian






Direction:  Loris Di Pasquale 
Writing:  Loris Di Pasquale Alessia Bellotto  Michele Silvestrin, Sara Pozzato
Production:  BeDi Produzioni srls, Emera Film, Scirocco Cinematografica,
Running Tv International, Venice Film Commission
Key Cast:  Maria Aliev (Aleksia),  Karina Arutyunyan (Mother Aleksia), Loris Di Pasquale (Sergey),   Pietro Bontempo (Maresciallo),   Lucia Rea (Angela)
Cinematography:  Sara Purgatorio, Francesca Amitrano
Editing:  Loris Di Pasquale
Color correction:  Angelo Francavilla
Music:  Vivien Memo
Sound:  Emanuela Cotellessa

Scenography:  Loris Di Pasquale
Costumes:  Loretta Orsi

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Aleksia is a turbulent teenager of Russian origin, she has grown up with her mother and her little brother in the suburds of Marghera. After confessing to her friend Angela that she is pregnant, she is pushed to steal a tablet to raise the money for abortion. However surfing the theft things turn bad and Aleksia is arrested by the police. 




 Loris Di Pasquale studied at the International Centre of Cinematography Eleonora Duse and at The Short Academy. He worked as actor in many tv series and films with important director as Giuseppe Capotondi and Andrea Lamendola. For Lamendola he wrote his first screenplay “Attori in cerca di lavoro” and in this short film he also played a role. In 2011 he directed the short film “I benpensanti”, which was finalist at the Festival “Anello Debole”. The same year he turned the short film “Diritto di morte” which partecipated in numerous festivals and won several awards. In 2012 he turned the spot “Ormai lo fan tutti” which won the Avis Competition “Spot of the red”. In the same year he directed “Testerman” which was finalist at the “Florence Queer” Festival.
In 2014 he directed the pilot for television “Bleff gioca le tue carte” that counts in the cast important actors as Ninni Bruschetta, Nicola Pistoia, Diego Ribon, Alessia Bellotto, Paolo Buglioni. Many TV networks have become interested in it. In 2018 he directed the short film Aleksia which has just won important awards: Best italian short film at the Rome Indipendent Film Festival and best actress at Voghera Film Festival.