Best Movie of April

Directed by Christina Tournatzés
Germany 2019  -  Duration: 15 minutes  -  Language: Arabic, Bulgarian, English


Director: Christina Tournatzés
Screenplay: Christina Tournatzés
Alexander Gruber
Producer: Matthias Nerlich, Felix Parson, Patricia D'Intino, Leo Pintér
Art Direction: Annalena Schwarz
Costume Design: Milica Živanović
Sound: Csaba Attila Erȍs
Editor: Ursula Ambach
Sound Design: Tschangis Chahrokh, Daniel Bautista, Julian Riegl
Ovanes Torosyan, Yordan Danchev, Zainab Alsawah, Bader Khlifi, Nóra Mohi


At dawn smugglers load 71 people from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran onto a truck to drive them from Hungary to Germany.  During the journey the truck driver faces a dilemma. He hears the people scream and beg for help but receives an order to not open the doors to the cargo area. The true story happened in August 2015 in Hungary and Austria. 




Christina Tournatzés studied film and television in Munich. She has been directing short documentaries and fiction shorts since 2015.
The short film “Cargo” (2019) is her Thesis Movie.