Neapolitan director, born in 1985, he has always cultivated the profession of the gaze looking for a novelty among the forgotten realities. Among his productions stand out documentaries such as "In Utero Srebrenica" on the theme of genocide, a work nominated for David di Donatello, "Hanaa" with stories from India, Syria, Nigeria and Peru on early marriages and "The Metamorphosis", docu-fairy tale inspired by Ovid's work and set in the Neapolitan suburbs. University professor of directing at the IULM University of Milan, he also holds several courses of sentimental education to images in suburban schools, seeking astonishment as possible everywhere.


Documentary maker, video artist and performer. After a humanistic and theatrical training, he specialized in documentary filmmaking at the Civica Scuola di Cinema in Milan where he graduated with the film "Children kiss only when they sleep", presented at the Festival dei Popoli in Florence, at Sguardi Altrove and at Alessandria Film Festival. He identifies art as a means to investigate the human being, in his social, intimate and political dimension; it is through the relationship that she seeks to reveal the intrinsic truth that inhabits herself and others.


Alessandro Amato is a copywriter, film critic and screenwriter. He has written short films, documentaries and serial projects and is the author of the book "The diva who does not like. One, none, one hundred thousand Kristen Stewart" (Bietti Edizioni, 2022). He collaborates with some trade magazines including Sentieri Selvaggi, is a lecturer at the CineLAB acting school and selector of the Torino Underground Cinefest.