friday 23 september / 19:30


Directed by Andrea Gatopoulos – Greece (2021) – duration: 24’



A sentimental odyssey about the illusions and prejudices of an European man that goes to live in Zanzibar, told through his letters to his beloved woman, in a time where globalization and mass tourism are shaking and transforming the tropical island, its people and culture.


Director: Andrea Gatopoulos
Screenplay: Andrea Gatopoulos
Cinematography: Andrea Gatopoulos
Editing: Andrea Gatopoulos
Producer: Andrea Gatopoulos, Marco Crispano
Cast: Mathilde Benoit
Soundtrack: Francesco Landi

Andrea Gatopoulos

He is a film producer and director and writer born in Pescara (Abruzzo, Italy) in 1994. He founded the publishing house and production company Il Varco with which he produces his works. He is the artistic director of Il Varco – International Short Film Festival, in the Filmfreeway’s Top 100 World Best Reviewed List. In 2020 and 2021 he worked alongside Werner Herzog for his film Accelerator in Leticia, Colombia, and in Lanzarote in which he developed the filmed correspondence “Letters to Herzog”.
Blue Matter (2019 – 15′)
Letters to Herzog (2020 – 9′)
Polepole (2021 – 24′)