Corner Pub is a cycle of short interviews that will involve some faces of the cinema world of yesterday and today.

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Interview with Liliana Cavani

Liliana Cavani is one of the most important directors of Italian cinema from the 70s to today. She is the author of masterpieces such as Il Portiere di Notte, I Cannibali, Francesco, Milarepa, Galileo. With a modern language and always strong and current themes, he has often worked with international casts bringing his language all over the world.

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Interview with Alicia Lopez

Alicia Lopez is a young director from Bolivia. She pursued a directing position and become the only female Director for commercials in her home country.
Her short film Sami was one of the finalist of the second edition of Vertigo Film Fest. We met her at Bar Cuore, in Milan to talk about Sami, short films in general and managing a set during the Covid pandemic. 

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Interview with Il Cinemino

Is it possible to open a neighborhood cinema today? What are the challenges facing a cinema in the post-pandemic world? To find out, we met Paola Ruggeri and Graziano Palamara,  founders of Il Cinemino, a cinema opened in Milan in 2018. A place that combines past and future, the old neighborhood cinema and a new open space, where you can meet others, have a drink and chat about the film you just watched.