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Tiny tales from the world

at Il Cinemino

Friday May the 5th
h 8:00 PM

Il Cinemino
via Seneca 6, Milano

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After last year’s success Vertigo Film Fest is back at Cinemino, for a new screening night.

Some of the most interesting works that have arrived at the festival in recent months, between fiction documentaries and animated films An evening dedicated to small and big stories hidden behind people, families, places on the edge of reality and secular institutions.
And like any good Vertigo event, between a short film, a debate and a drink at the cinema bar, we will have the opportunity to chat with the directors and creators of these stories

Admission is free, with a membership card (5 euros). It is necessary to request the card at least one day before the event by filling in the appropriate form on the Il Cinemino website:

Short films


I papi

Ice Merchants

Don't be cruel



by Tom Berkerley, Ross White - Fiction, UK 2022

When a reclusive widower accidentally calls an adult hotline worker, an unlikely friendship is born.

The Popes

by Michela Menichelli, Diederik Pierani - Animation, Italy 2023

The history of the popes begins two thousand years ago and goes through many metamorphoses.
Its role, its language and the extent of it have changed profoundly. Pursuing their aim they died as martyrs, exiled, acclaimed or forgotten. They were saints, renegades, persecuted and persecutors. They are so many, they are so different, they are the popes of the Church.

Ice Merchants

by João Gonzalez - Animation, Portugal 2022

Every day, a father and his son jump with a parachute from their vertiginous cold house, attached to a cliff, to go to the village on the ground, far away where they sell the ice they produce daily.

Don't be cruel

by Andrej Chinappi - Fiction, Italy 2022

Ninni and his father Amelio wish to redeem their modest lifestyle. The opportunity will present itself when the father, who works as an Elvis impersonator, is called to perform in a rich seaside villa. On that night, however, Ninni will be forced to come to terms with the harsh reality of the real world.


by Claudio Casale - Documentary, Italy/India 2022

Shabnam was attacked with acid when she was a teenager. Today she is a Shero, a women’s rights activist from India who is raising her daughter by teaching her the value of beauty and feminine strength, beyond social conventions.


Michela Menichelli, Diederik Pierani

Creators of "The Popes"

LOCATION: Il Cinemino

Il Cinemino is a creative hub. Here You can watch a good film and drink a glass of wine, but also listen to music, see an exhibition, attend books presentations and directors’ masterclasses, enjoy readings and concerts. A place to meet new and old friends, talk, discuss.